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  • Canine and feline vaccines
  • Frontline Plus & K9 Advantix II
  • Seresto Flea & Tick Collars
  • Canine and feline wormers
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We specialize in pet foods and veterinary products to keep your pet happy and healthy. Plus we stock a variety of wild bird seed for backyard feeders year round.
Natural, wholesome ingredients for dogs and cats. No corn, wheat or soy products.  
Life Stages formulas are designed to give your pets a balanced diet that emphasizes health, vitality and a beautiful coat. A best selling line. Frequent buyer program. 
Click for more information on Canidae pet foods.
Veterinarian-developed specialized diets formulated for pets with unique dietary needs. They also provide complete nutrition so your pet can remain on his special diet for as long as he needs to. Weight Management provides filling ingredients with lower fat and high quality protein. Also formulas for Sensitive Skin Conditions and Sensitive Stomachs. 
More information on Diamond Care.   
Leading limited ingredient and grain free petfood for dogs and cats. L.I.D formulas reduce the chance of food allergy or intolerance.  Frequent buyer program. 
Click for more information on Natural Balance pet foods.
Lower cost natural formulas that use no corn, wheat or soy. Large variety of formulas for adult dogs and puppies--both large breed or small, working or sporting dogs and cat and kitten formulas.  Frequent buyer program. Click for more information on Diamond and Diamond Naturals pet foods.
Balanced, grain-free diets for dogs and cats.Nine dog and two cat formulas with unique proteins and nutritious ingredients including fruits and vegetables and natural antioxidants. 
A leading seller. Frequent buyer program. Click for more information on Taste of the Wild pet foods.
Purina® Pro Plan® has a strong heritage as the Purina performance brand. Designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of dogs and cats, it is driven by a commitment to quality and expert knowledge. Purina Pro Plan is the brand of choice for many breeders, enthusiasts, sporting dog owners and those who want high-quality nutrition for their pets.   
Click for more information on Pro Plan pet foods.
All natural, scientifically advanced meat based formulas, that include no corn, wheat, soy products and are gluten-free. High levels of meat proteins are used, along with low-glycemic sorghum grain and chelated minerals that are bio-available for absorbtion. 
Grain-Free formulas too. 
 Click for more information on Victor pet foods.
Complete and balanced, ready to serve raw diets for dogs and cats. Raw food is the most natural form of nutrition for your dog and cat. This product is manufactured in a human-grade plant. Weight management, energy, and healthy skin and coat are just some of the amazing testimonials we receive. 
 Click for more information on Northwest Natural pet foods.
Both raw frozen and kibble. Instinct-line is grain free and includes frozen, canned and dry formulas. Prairie-line includes dry kibble and cans. Click for more information on Nature's Variety.
Three great grain free formulas with meat proteins as the first ingredients. This brand is made in California and features chicken, fish or beef with moderate 24% proteins, plus quality ingredients for a balanced diet that is made for all life stages. The best part is a the low price! Click for more information on Diamond Grain Free pet foods.
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Looking for something you don't see here? We can special order many brands such as Wellness, Fromm, Nature's Variety, Natural Choice, Eukanuba, Iams, Merrick, NutriSource, Solid Gold, Loyall & more.
There is a perfect food for every pet. Let us help you find them here.

Finally dry canine nutrition that can solve your pet's health issues such as hot spots, digestive disease, yeast infections, pre-cancerous tumors and more. Canine Caviar is truly unique in the pet food world. Come in and learn more about this remarkable brand. Here are just some of the features of Canine Caviar: single protein at a moderate level, super highly digestible, low glycemic, alkaline pH, rotational diet plan,gluten free. Interested? Click for more info. 

Get the benefits of raw for your dog. Convenient 1-lb Bars, bagged pourable kibbles and nuggets, or economical 25 lb boxes.

Raw Foods In Stock... Frozen or Dry
Canine Caviar for Dogs
Health Assessment for Dogs & Cats 
Is your dog itchy, red spots, ear infections, diarrhea and licking paws?
Get lab results back and get your dog back in balance. We help you 
find the right foods and supplements.
DNA test reveals probable imbalances affecting your pet such as bacterial or fungal infections and more. You will receive a multi-page report listing food ingredients that are causing sensitivities as well as environmental triggers that should be avoided. Simple hair and saliva collection. You receive results within 10 days.  
​A main player in our arsenal of natural pet foods to try if your dog has scratching, yeasty, irritated skin issues. Zignature is created with thoughtful, quality ingredients. Try some today for the health and wellness of your dog.
Cat Formulas Too
Cat Formulas Too
  • Helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium
  •   Made with real chicken, for a taste cats love
  •   No added artificial colors or flavors
  •   Omega fatty acids and high-quality protein helps support healthy skin and a lustrous coat
  •   Calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients help support strong bones and healthy joints

Urinary Tract Health Formula
for cats