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We carry feeds and poultry supplies for your laying flock, meatbirds, waterfowl, gamebirds or roosters.  We sell a wide variety of day-old chicks in the spring and summer months. Look for chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese or guinea fowl. We also take special orders for poultry any time of the year.
Keeping the Flock Healthy
Without the use of Antibiotics
Now carrying Organic & GMO/soy-free poultry feeds from 
Bar Ale and Modesto Milling
  • Critter Creek Eggs, West Lincoln, 
  • Sinclair Family Farm, Penryn, 
  • Wobbly Wagon Farm, Lincoln, 
  • Julie Hauser, Sheridan, 
  • Summey Family Farm, Lincoln 
  area delivery, 916-408-8738
  • Chastain Farms, West Roseville, 916-218-6108

Naturewise All Flock Pellets
One nutritious bag to feed all your poultry. Designed for mixed flocks of layers, broilers, turkeys, geese, ducks and pheasants, where birds are over 7 weeks of age. 50# bags.
Bar ALE Lay Pak mini pellet is a premium mix that will keep your laying flock in perfect condition. It contains high quality pellets with cracked corn and oyster shell, along with special ingredients such as Diamond V yeast and ZinPro that helps the hen to digest and utilize all the nutrients in her feed for maximum feed efficiency. 50 lb bags run $15.95 and are well worth the cost. 
We stock a great selection of feeding and watering equipment for your growing flock.

With the new FDA ruling the average flock owner will not have access to over-the-counter antibiotics anymore. The key to keeping your flock from getting ill from disease will be prevention. Do that with a clean environment, healthy food and providing supplements to promote digestive health. 
- Natural ingredients that 
are antiparasitic and promote
 a healthy digestive system
- Ideal for small flocks and 
backyard birds
- Includes scoop for easy 
dosing and mixing in feed
- No withholding required for 
- Re-sealable bag to maintain 

Yeast Culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Pumpkin Seed (flavor), Wormwood (flavor), Clove (flavor), Oregano (flavor), Garlic (flavor), Montmorillonite Clay, Diatomaceous Earth 0.50% (anticaking agent).
Innovative, all-natural digestive 
booster supplement formulated to 
aid in improving health and 
performance. Ideal for all domestic 
poultry and waterfowl in the 
presence of harmful intestinal 
parasites, including worms.
Proprietary formula contains 
targeted natural enzymes, 
selected essential oils and 
other key ingredients. 
Designed to help offset the 
detrimental effects of worms 
and other parasites. Comes in 
a convenient, easy-to-use bottle.