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We carry feeds and poultry supplies for your laying flock, meatbirds, waterfowl, gamebirds or roosters.  We sell a wide variety of day-old chicks in the spring and summer months. Look for chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese or guinea fowl. We also take special orders for poultry any time of the year.
Now carrying Organic & GMO/soy-free poultry feeds from Bar Ale, Modesto Milling 
and Scratch and Peck.
Naturewise All Flock Pellets
One nutritious bag to feed all your poultry. Designed for mixed flocks of layers, broilers, turkeys, geese, ducks and pheasants, where birds are over 7 weeks of age. 50# bags.
We stock a great selection of feeding and watering equipment for your growing flock.

Check your deadlines and get your fair poultry ordered now!
Fall and Winter means molting season.
Get them through molt and back to laying with beautiful glossy feathers.
Feed Nutrena Feather Fixer

Amberlink pullets
Beautiful cream feathering with reddish accents.Hybrid cross using Delaware X Rhode Island Red genetics. Lays large to X-large brown eggs. Very docile, good foragers. Dates due: 3-5-19, 4-2-19
Ameraucana pullets
Also known as Easter Eggers, these hens lay green, cream, pink and blue eggs depending on the adult bird's color. There is no standard and hens can be many different colors, but a common feature are the ear puffs. Dates due: 2-20-19, 4-17-19
Barred Plymouth Rock pullets
A perennial favorite. Large bodied dual-purpose breed. Prolific layer of large to X-large brown eggs. Dates due: 4-10-19
Blue Sapphire Plym. Rock pullets
New Breed! Fancy blue-colored birds. Lays large to X-large brown eggs. Good foragers. Dates due: 3-5-19, 4-2-19
Buff Orpington pullets
One of the most docile breeds, they are fluffy and golden. A most popular breed. Lays large to x-large brown eggs. Dates due: 3-13-19
Black Australorp pullets
Well-loved breed with feathers so black they shimmer green. Prolific layer of large to X-large brown eggs. Dates due: 3-13-19
Black Maran Sexlink pullets
Want chocolate brown eggs? Hybrid cross lays some of the darkest brown of all breeds. Adult hens feather in all black to black with reddish accents. Dates due: 4-17-19
California Gray pullets
Crossbred chicken combines Barred Plymouth Rock and Leghorn genetics. Prolific layer of large white eggs. Dates due: 3-27-19
Colorpack Layer pullets
Exciting new breed! They will differ in adult color and lay high quantities of eggs in blues, green and khaki. Not related in any way to Ameraucana or Auracana genetics. Dates due: 2-26-19, 3-19-19
Crème Legbar pullets
A very rare breed that lays medium sized eggs in blues, olive and green. Your best chance for pastel blue. Dates due: 4-17-19
Dominant Copper
Cross of Black Copper Maran with Barred Rocks. Lys copper to dark chocolate brown large to X-large eggs. Dates due: 2-26-19, 3-19-19
Gold Lace Wyandotte Pullets
Fancy feathered beauty! A favorite. She'll lay good quantities of cream to brown eggs. Dates due: 5-1-19
Golden Pride pullets
Exciting new breed! Handsome birds from European cross of Partridge X Sussex breeds. Lays cream colored large to X-large eggs. Date Due: 2-26-19, 3-19-19
ISA Brown Pullets
Hybrid cross red sex-link from Rhode Island Red X Leghorn. Common names they are sold as, 'Golden Comet%%%$, %%%$Red Star%%%$, %%%$Red-Sex-Link%%%$. Lays dark brown large to X-large eggs. Dates due: 2-26-19, 3-19-19
Novogen Brown pullets
Another exciting hybrid cross red sex-link from Rhode Island Red X Leghorn. Gets the best from both breeds, prolific layer of dark brown large to X-large eggs. Thrives in the coop or free-range. Dates due: 3-15-19, 4-2-19
Olive Egger pullets
Cross of dark egg layers with blue egg layers result in olive green eggs! No consistent feather colors of adults, but eggs will be a range of green from olive to teal. Dates due: 3-27-19, 4-10-19
Silver Lace Wyandotte pullets
A truly beautiful bird, one of the flashiest in the flock. Wyandottes are an American breed developed for meat or egg production. They lay large cream to brown eggs. Dates due: 3-15-19, 4-2-19
2019 Chicks Arrival Schedule (Feb to May)
We have reserved some new and very interesting breeds for your laying flocks this year.
1. Want All Female hens? Look for hybrid crosses that result in baby chicks that are easy to tell the sex of. The males are one color and the females are a different color, therefore no more little roos that you need to rehome! Look for this symbol for color sexed breeds.

2. Want interesting egg colors?
We've got new breeds coming that lay a rainbow of colors from​ blue, green, pink, cream to olive green and chocolate brown! 
3. Want  a beautiful variety of adult birds in your flock? We've selected breeds to mix and match for beauty and good temperment.
*Layer hens range in price from $4-6 each. The more rare the breeds the higher the price. 
*We can special order chicks but there is a minimum of 5 birds per breed. Hatcheries do not have all the breeds available all of the time, therefore your hatch date must be flexible. Please be prepared to leave 100% deposit on special orders.
*Male chickens, turkeys, waterfowl, bantams and guinea fowl are all available by special order only. Call for price quotes and available hatch dates.
This symbol means this breed is color sexed.